Become a Service Innovator!

Become a leader of innovation in the service industry

In our current age of startups and software, time moves faster than ever. Nobody can afford to be late. virtualQ’s disruptive service solutions will position you as an innovator in the customer service market, give you a unique selling point over your competitors and inspire customers and service experts alike!

Get inspired! virtualQ enables you to use the latest technologies –  such as AI and machine learning – with a solution portfolio that works. We’re not all talk; we have proven that our solutions can be used across various sectors and have achieved considerable results in service centers.

Well-known companies such as Lufthansa Albatros, HanseMerkur, Capita, the Austrian Federal Railways, United Bank of Africa, Gothaer and Wien Energie are already benefiting from their cooperation with virtualQ.

Take your chance and take pole position in the service industry. As a start-up, we work with our finger on the pulse of the times and bring fresh wind and new ideas to the service industry. Because we are not only your specialist for innovative service solutions, but also your partner to help you with the latest tools and technologies that we adapt from our startup environment to your working world. There’s a reason that well-known venture capital investors and experienced business angels have invested in growth financing for virtualQ.