virtualQ solutions will directly impact your service KPIs, reducing your drop-out rate and redial rate, and improving your service level and accessibility. Our solutions aim to make your service center more efficient.

Our customer reports prove that the use of intelligent queuing and voice solutions improve your service KPIs within a very short time! You’ll find that customers greatly appreciate not having to wait on hold and instead receive a time estimate on when they can get connected with an agent. This usually leads to a significant drop in abandonment rate, and an increase in customer satisfaction. In other words, you can reduce your cancellation rate by more than 25% through the use of our intelligent algorithms.

You’ll also find the rate of redialing will also decrease. German company, HanseMerkur subsidiary, i.e., H.B.C. Hanse Betreuungscenter GmbH, was able to reduce the number of its redialing rate from 15% to just 2% just by using virtualQ’s digital peak management intelligence.

But there’s more! Thanks to the high usage rate of the virtual waiting service, our customers also see a direct impact on the overall waiting times for their customer. We’ve found that our virtual waiting service leads to positive customer experiences and a lower complaints rate, resulting in a decreased average processing time (average handling time). On average, this value improves by up to 7% for virtualQ customers. This means that your customers will be served faster than normal.

You’ll also find that contact center accessibility also increases. The optimized utilization (shift of call volume by digital peak management), the high reduction of the abort rate / redial and the shortened call times due de-escalated conversations positively impacts accessibility. For example, one of our customers, a large German insurance company, was able to improve their accessibility by more than 13% through the use of virtualQ queuing alone.

By combining our queuing solution and virtualQ Voice Automation, this value can be further increased – because your customers receive immediate assistance with their requests. These figures suggest that the service level is also improved by using virtualQ solutions. In fact, you’ll find that your service levels can easily jump from 80/30 to 90/20 with virtualQ solutions.

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Skipping the Queue means happier customers and more efficient call centers

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    Decreased Average Handling Time (AHT)

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    Increased workforce efficiency

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    Decreased call center costs

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    Increased customer satisfaction

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    Increased service level

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    Decreased abandoned calls