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“Results Only” Environment

We value results above everything else – making your work hours and location flexible. We don’t track work hours or your holidays; we care more about what you can accomplish.

Dream job guarantee

Design your job profile based on your individual strengths, experiences, and ideas. Whether you’re a trainee or at a senior level – we encourage personal drive and initiative! Together, we’ll find the job that perfectly suits you.

Techie by heart

We are a tech-driven company through and through! Our developers are pioneers in the field of AI and machine learning, constantly expanding their knowledge and continuously developing our solutions. Tech history is being written here!


We pair deep expertise with passion and intellect, binding them together with a collaborative team spirit! Our mix of hands-on mentality with exceptional skills keeps us both inspired and motivated.

Brain Food Flat

Your knowledge is valuable to us. We promote based on your skills and interests! Need training? Workshops? e-learning? Conferences? Tell us what you need – we make it possible!

Full flexibility

Adapt your work environment to your life! With us, you decide whether you work early or late, from home, in the office or rather in the café around the corner #Dreamteam


One for all, all for one! Our trust in each other, a free exchange of knowledge, a culture of honest feedback, and the desire to go the extra mile together are the secret ingredients of our success. We host regular team events to encourage a cooperative environment where we can get the best out of each other.

Feel Good Environment

In our modern co-working spaces in the heart of Berlin and Stuttgart, you decide what you are looking for. Whether you use Apple or Windows, prefer coffee or kicking back with an after-work beer, getting a massage or engaging in a PvP match – the choice is yours!

English please

Remote Work is part of our DNA and diversity is not just a buzzword to us. We hold most of our conversations in English, whether it’s through online meetings or during our team days.


…like keeping your career options open, loathe layers of approval processes “We need a meeting to talk about this first”, find the fear of change incomprehensible “…Because we’ve always done it this way”, and resent having every minute of your time tracked? Do tech-driven environments make your heart beat faster, and topics like AI and machine learning give your pulse that extra kick? Do you want to stand behind a product that makes sense, benefits others, and continues to push the boundaries in innovation? Are you looking to work in an environment that combines the startup spirit with the professionalism and customer base of a large league player? Do you feel comfortable in a cool, internationally-positioned, performance-oriented team, where you can live out new ideas, expand your skills and engage your personal drive? Do you want to take responsibility from day one, decide where you want to go, and configure your own work environment? If you’ve got team spirit and a can-do mentality, you’re our perfect match!


… are the team YOU have been looking for! We come from all over the world – Germany, France, Britain, United States, China, South America, Pakistan, Netherlands, South Africa, and more – our international roots form a team that feature top skills sets and personalities, catapulting us within a short time frame to the top of the tech service startup world. Our enthusiasm for tech innovation and the desire to make a difference with our work connect and motivate us every day. Our founding spirit, our standards for high quality, and our hands-on way of thinking are orchestrated together within an environment based on trust and self-motivated work. We find it critical to design our own job profiles and choose our perfect working environment, whether it’s in one of our modern co-working spaces or in your very own home office. Thanks to video calling, live chats, and online team meetings, we are always connected and virtually sit in one office. And with our addition of regular team days and after-work events, our team is proficient at being connected offline too!


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We created VirtualQ to end long customer service waiting times for callers. How? Our virtual assistants take callers off service center waiting queues, and let callers know when it’s their turn. The days of listening to pesky waiting jingles in a continuous loop are gone, ending frustrating customer service experiences. And through constant development and innovation, we have also established ourselves as a customer experience expert with a portfolio with comprehensive AI-based solutions. With our voice solutions, we serve the needs of callers and service centers alike. Our virtual, self-learning assistants act as intelligent helpers.

They engage in dialogue with callers, answer recurrent customer requests directly and without delay using machine learning and sparing customers the tormenting search in long and often obsolete FAQ texts. Behind the scenes, we use our intelligent algorithms to help companies better manage incoming calls to service centers, streamline HR planning, and significantly improve relevant KPIs. Whether they are deployed through websites, apps or telephony – our intelligent helpers are present wherever customers look for information, creating an unprecedented customer experience.


We all love tech and we love innovations that improve our everyday lives. Anything that wastes our time and is inefficient drives us crazy. We want to improve things and develop solutions that remove roadblocks, provide answers and delight others. Our vision is to create a whole new customer experience and upgrade the image of the service industry – with virtualQ, service should be fun again, by using the latest AI and machine learning technologies, further innovating and building on our technologies. For us, no idea is too absurd and no challenge too big. No matter which area we’re working in – product development, sales or customer success management – we set ambitious goals! We are not satisfied with mediocre solutions, but seek to build exceptional solutions.

We are a diverse team of different personalities, with impressive careers and outstanding skills.

Each and every one of us has deliberately chosen virtualQ and the tech startup industry: We believe in our software solutions and their potential to fundamentally change a whole industry. We don’t want to sit in a comfy job working out checklists, we want to move things and create something big together. We created an environment in virtualQ, where uniqueness, drive and initiation are promoted and rewarded with plenty of freedom and flexibility. Our passion and dedication pays off – well-known investors and famed national and international companies from a wide variety of sectors as well as their callers are enthusiastic about the virtualQ solutions. Enterprise companies such as Lufthansa Albatros, the insurance companies Gothaer and HanseMerkur, the United Bank of Africa and the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) are just some of the names on the list of our continuously growing satisfied customer base.

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