Happy employees
- more success!

Create working conditions that will make your employees happy and encourage them to thrive

Your service agents will immediately notice the improvement in customer service brought about by virtualQ. A positive waiting experience leads to more pleasant conversation, since callers no longer vent to your agents after having waited for a long period of time. As a result, the emotional pressure on your employees is reduced, resulting in decreased stress-related downtime and average call duration (AHT).

Thanks to Voice Automation, the number of low quality calls is also reduced. Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, recurring customer inquiries are answered directly and automatically. More complex queries will be forwarded to your service staff for in-person consultation. Working in your service center will be a dream!

With a shortage of skilled workers and high competition for service employees, you create a unique selling point as an employer through the use of virtualQ, which benefits you in two ways: first, you improve your employer image, positively impacting your attractiveness on the job market. Secondly, your churn rate drops, along with the effort required for recruiting.