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Create happier customers and more effective contact centers with virtualQ’s
AI-based, enterprise solutions

virtualQ Solutions

  • Virtual Waiting Service

  • Appointment Management

  • AI-Based Peak Management

  • Omni-Channel Experience

  • Advanced IVR System

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Professional Data Science


Enhance customer’s digital experience and satisfaction while reducing high levels of inbound customer call/contact volumes, by shifting waiting callers to time slots with lower inbound call volume.




Optimize your agent utilization rate by having your customers call in when it’s their turn. By selecting the call-in option with virtual queuing, you ensure a steady, consistent stream of calls to your agents to improve workforce efficiency.



Maximize your customer support experience by having us directly call your customers when it’s their turn. By selecting the call-back option with virtual queuing, your customers can be rest assured that they’ll be assisted without any additional effort on their end.



Maximize your customer satisfaction by having us directly call your customers at a selected time of their choice. By selecting the call-back option with appointment scheduling, your customers are empowered to select a time that works for them and for your contact center to increase the quality of customer support.


Reserve appointments for valued callers who need specialized support from skilled agents to reduce inbound call volume and to optimize workforce efficiency. Empower your customers by giving them the option to schedule their own appointments at a time of their own convenience, which allows them to bypass the waiting queue and resume the call with reduced stress, leading to higher customer and employee satisfaction.

AI-Based peak management

Intelligently manage high call volumes automatically with our smart software solution to improve your employee utilization rate, accessibility rate, and comprehensive individual, unique service KPIs. The virtualQ algorithm is optimized for your specific requirements!

  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency hotline
  • Emergency call acceptance
  • Switchboard emergency calls
  • Real-time unexpected traffic surge
  • Weekly seasonality
  • Changes in agent availability

Omni-Channel Experience

Improve accessibility by creating an omni-channel experience for your customers by meeting them where they are, whether that’s via phone, your app, or on your website

Advanced IVR System

Differentiate yourself from competition and route your customers to the right department with our self-learning IVR system that understands full sentences and becomes more intelligent over time through the power of AI

Virtual Assistants

Empower your customers through customer self-help tools to increase first-contact resolution and to decrease inbound call volume to your agents

  • Appointment scheduling
  • FAQs
  • More


Our international Data Science team consists of members with graduate degrees from renowned universities in London, Bern, Michigan and Berlin, and industry experience from Fujitsu, Barclays, DHL, Adecco (at Google), and Deutsche Telekom. Our team not only advances our AI-algorithms for top performance, they also consult contact centers with optimal strategies for giving callers the best possible service.

We understand the relevant KPIs that contact centers value for both business operations and for customer satisfaction, so when we show you how our products support both your customers needs and your business goals, we’ll be speaking the same language.

  • Data analytics
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (NPS)
  • Custom enriched insights

Quick & Easy Set-Up

Quickly implement projects and new solutions into your existing system, while accounting for system changes at the same time. We’ve designed virtualQ software to work with all ACD systems, so you’ll be able to use our products, regardless of ACD system type. We offer a variety of methods to integrate your system with our software, making setup easy and flexible for you.

  • ACD connectors

Privacy & Security

We’re GDPR-compliant, and are dedicated towards handling all data received responsibly. We work with a variety of industries, which includes health insurance and insurance companies, so our products are developed with the highest forms of data protection in place. Safeguard your customers and agents from data privacy threats by using virtualQ products.


Get the best experience possible with our software with our Customer Success team! We offer live support packages, according to your needs. virtualQ understands that customer service is of critical importance, so we’ll make sure that your call center and customers are well taken care of!


Our solutions are patented in several countries to ensure that only our clients receive the benefits of our exclusive algorithms, which are powered by millions of data points to attain peak performance. Our algorithms maintain peak performance by staying cutting-edge with our team of dedicated data scientists, who research and develop new algorithms, using a combination of machine-learning and neural networks. Our company culture includes a focus on innovation, improvement, and adopting the latest technology, so rest assured that our dedication to pursuing the best transfigures into a world-class, unique customer care service experience for your customers!


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Ulf Kühnapfel

Dipl. Ing.| Co-Founder - CSO
smartphone+49 (0)176 5683 8890

Ulf is the Chief Sales Officer at virtualQ, and speaker at customer service events and conferences.  Before starting virtualQ, Ulf was a creative designer at Mercedes-Benz and design, and worked as a marketing consultant for Deutsche Telekom’s ITC division.