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Crises Management and the Corona Virus


In this white paper, a 12-point checklist awaits you, with which you can coolly come through real crises and, in the best case, even emerge as a winner. Read how communication, information and cohesion can work even in the toughest times and how they can get even better with the right technology!

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Gothaer Health Insurance

In this case study, you’ll find out how Gothaer Health Insurance, one of the biggest German insurance companies with around 4.3 million members and just under 5,400 employees, managed to increase their customer satisfaction by 8%, by simply using virtualQ’s solutions.

Gothaer’s telephone customer service answers inquiries relating to health insurance payments. A total of 40 staff members work in the health insurer’s tele- phone customer service, with an average of 20 to 30 agents using the phone at any one time. Call volume stands at between 1,400 and 1,500 calls a day; the average call duration–or average handling time (AHT)–is four minutes; and, on record days, Gothaer Health Insurance can receive up to 3,500 calls. See for yourself how this insurance giant increased their customer satisfaction score!

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Return on Investment Whitepaper

Return on Investment

In today’s “switching economy,” consumers are more likely to switch from one brand to another. Customers are able to use several different websites to compare price and experience across different products and service providers. This easily accessible pool of information makes it easy for customers to switch from one service provider with just one click. For businesses, this means a higher likelihood of losing customers. Learn how to reduce contact center personnel costs, gain stronger customer loyalty, and differentiate yourself from your competitors!

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