Too many calls are coming into my customer service center.


Too many calls,
Not enough agents

It’s an extremely frustrating and stressful experience watching your customer service centers flooded with too many calls, and worse – being unable to give your customers the care you want to give them because of it. Despite call volume forecasting and planning, we can all be blindsighted by the actual number of callers dialing in, and for many companies, a lack of time and resources means that there aren’t enough agents to handle them all, which results in long waiting on hold times, frustrated customers posting on social media, and lost customers. What can you do to help automate customer service, while keeping a personalized touch?

Warteschleifen Management

Current solutions help,
but more can be done

You may already use a self-help knowledge base or implemented a chat /email helpdesk on your website. These solutions work! They reduce the number of calls dialed into your center. However, what about the customers who still dial into your center? You may already use call center software that outsource easy tasks from your agents, like an IVR or callback system to help manage caller experience before they speak with an agent. But you can achieve even more when these software tools use AI.

Better Experience, Higher Customer Satisfaction

Give your customers a great experience before they get to an agent by eliminating common frustrations like long wait times. Our AI-based software makes sure that your customers are able to bypass waiting on hold – allowing them to do other things – while helping to manage heavy and unpredictable call loads for your customer service centers. (Click here to see how Gothaer, one of Germany’s largest insurers saw an 8% jump in their CSAT scores within 3 months!)

  • Smart call back systems that schedule call-backs during less busy times in your call center, and learn from the data to reroute them to the most efficient times

  • Smart appointment scheduler that offers appointments during pre-selected times and during less busy times in the contact center

  • Peak management system that tracks the call volume traffic your center has, and uses the data to greatly enhance software performance

Does it work? We stay transparent with KPI tracking

We track customer service KPIs that are critical for managers and customer service departments, so that you can see for yourself whether our services are making a difference in your call centers. Our dashboards show you the number of calls that use our service, service level, the number of abandoned calls, customer satisfaction score, and much more. We want to make sure that you’re able to reach your goals for your customer service department. Our team is comprised of experts with graduate degrees from renowned universities in London, Bern, Michigan and Berlin, and industry experience from Google, Barclays, Fujitsu, DHL, Deutsche Telekom, and more. Our experts will assist you with any questions and concerns that you may have, and track your center’s performance and fine-tune your settings, so that you get the best performance for your center.

Low on time?
Set-up in 2 weeks

Our software allows for quick implementation into any existing system. We offer a variety of methods to integrate our software via ACD or API calls. And if needed, set-up time can be even faster, depending on your system.


We’re GDPR-compliant, and work with a variety of industries, which include health insurance and banking. We make sure that all of the data we receive is handled responsibly.

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