Customer Hotline – Source of irritation or joy? The choice is yours!

“Thank you for your patience, the next available agent will be with you shortly.”

Hearing expressions such as these has become an all too familiar and often agitating daily scenario on customer service hotlines. Who pays the price? Naturally your callers and the employees who frequently end up bearing the brunt of their frustrations.

With virtualQ, ranked by Gründerszene as the fastest growing tech startup of 2018, you can put an end to being put on hold. True to the company’s vision of a world without waiting, the market leader for intelligent wait and callback management has wholeheartedly dedicated itself to optimizing the customer service hotline experience. With a product portfolio based on intelligent hold management (wait and callback management as well as appointment allocation) and voice intelligence (AI), virtualQ is creating a customer-focused, digital service world and proving to be a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science in the service sector. We show you what the software solutions involve and take a look at companies that have already enhanced their service with virtualQ, highlighting specific modifications they have been able to make by using the technology.

Intelligent hold management – what is it exactly?

Drawing on the latest AI and machine learning technologies, virtualQ’s intelligent virtual queueing independently identifies critical waiting situations in your service center and provides relief with wait and callback management as well as appointment allocation offerings. Wait algorithms tailored to your individual service scenario enable you to proactively control your call volume. High call volumes are shifted to quieter periods, considerably improving your employee utilization, accessibility and customer satisfaction.

Wait and callback management – the USP in service

If your service center is experiencing long waiting times, the patented wait and callback service will offer to wait on your caller’s behalf. If your customer opts for this virtual form of waiting, they can then calmly end the call. A virtual assistant will hold their position and notify them when it is their turn. For a particularly customer-friendly service offering, the intelligent virtualQ callback service is available as a multichannel solution for telephony (IVR), web and as an app. This grants your customers an integrated and, above all, seamless service experience.

Especially in the times of a switching economy, when a change of provider is only ever a click away, with virtualQ you can offer a service designed to impress and retain customers. What’s more, you can automatically improve key performance indicators such as service level, abandonment rate and number of channel hoppers. Your employees will also benefit from the reduction in stress and increased time for friendly customer dialog.

virtualQ Appointment – the intelligent appointment scheduler

With virtualQ Appointment, the intelligent appointment scheduler, your customers can also book personal consultations with your customer service agents. This allows less pressing matters to be dealt with by a customer service representative at a later time to suit your customer – without them having to wait around first. For this service, virtualQ’s intelligent, learning algorithms detect times when your service center receives a lower volume of calls and fills these slots with appointments. Your callers can select their desired slot and book a consultation with your agents directly via your customer service hotline, website or smartphone app. A combination of the wait and callback service with intelligent appointment allocation allows you not only to satisfy all your customer needs but also to provide a predictable and consistent workload for your employees. However, even used independently, the two solutions achieve remarkable success, as you can see from the case studies below.

Case study 01: Win-Win for Gothaer: Reduced waiting times and increasing customer satisfaction give cause to celebrate

With around 4.3 million members, the Gothaer insurance group is one of Germany’s biggest insurers. Gothaer Health Insurance’s consulting service alone receives just under 2,000 calls a day. “We opted for virtualQ’s integrated solutions and expertise as a way of also offering excellent, high-quality customer service in extreme situations,” explains Emanuel Bächli, Head of Customer and Intermediary Service. In practice, this means that 80,000 minutes of waiting time have already been saved since the introduction of the virtualQ’s virtual queuing at the end of 2017. “Improved capacity utilization on the customer service hotline gives us more time for customer dialog and therefore also makes it easier for our employees to advise our callers. As a result, we have been able to raise our customer satisfaction levels by 8%,” remarks Bächli. Bächli explains that the rapid successes of the virtualQ service solutions and a strong focus on the end consumer are key reasons why the insurer also plans to utilize other products from the experts at virtualQ, for instance its voice solutions, in the future. (For more information about this success case, please navigate to our full case study here:

Relaxed customer dialog thanks to artificial intelligence

Voice intelligence (AI) from virtualQ harnesses the possibilities of voice automation and meaningfully complements virtualQ’s intelligent hold management. Upstream of the customer conversation, learning voice bots automatically answer common and recurring questions directly on the line – without any delay. The system constantly evolves with every conversation. By prequalifying your callers, you relieve pressure on your customer service agents and free up time for more complex customer inquiries. You also receive valuable insights into the needs of your users, enabling you to create unique service offerings capable of turning customers into fans. The modular structure allows you to combine components that are relevant to your problem at will and therefore assemble an individual voice solution that perfectly matches your service goals.

With virtualQ Appointment, the intelligent appointment scheduler, your customers can book personal consultations with your customer service agents.

Case study 02: SWB –Delightfully innovative process optimization

swb AG sees itself as an integrated energy supplier for Bremen and the region. swb customers receive an extensive range of services encompassing energy, drinking water, heat and the internet. A key part of its work and also a decisive point of differentiation for the service provider is its comprehensive, high-quality advisory service. To safeguard this quality even with high capacity utilization, team leader of swb Vertrieb Gmbh’s customer service, Susanne Siemers-Turla, opted for virtualQ’s intelligent hold and appointment solutions. “We are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve our customer service. The uncomplicated, pleasant collaboration with virtualQ has enabled us not only to optimize our processes but also to significantly improve our customer service experience,” summarizes Siemers-Turla. She explains how the operational simplicity of the virtualQ service solutions particularly helped to delight customers while quickly and efficiently improving the internal processes and operations of the swb customer service. “It makes service improvement fun. The innovative solutions from virtualQ delighted us all at swb Vertrieb,” Siemers-Turla gladly reports.

Intelligentes Terminmanagement

Hold time becomes quality time with intelligent appointment allocation

  • Unique configuration based on individual service goals

  • Idle times are filled with scheduled consultations

  • Non-urgent matters are dealt with at less busy times

  • Multichannel integration via IVR (interactive voice response, telephony), web and/or app

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Customer Hotline – source of irritation or joy? The choice is yours!

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