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Customer satisfaction & employee loyalty

Offer your callers a unique customer experience while helping your employees with intelligent automations.

Customer satisfaction & employee loyalty

Offer your callers a unique customer experience and at the same time relieve your employees with intelligent automations.

How virtualQ affects satisfaction and loyalty


  • Reachability is not always guaranteed

  • Long, unpleasant waiting times for callers, especially during peak hours

  • No reliable way to establish contact with the company

  • Annoyed callers take out their frustration on agents

  • Agents are often overwhelmed and additionally stressed at peak times

  • Poor customer experience due to excessive waiting times leads to negative customer reviews and frustrated agents in the service center


  • Offer your customers more contact options and the best possible reachability

  • Callbacks eliminate unnecessary and annoying hold times on the service hotline

  • virtualQ callbacks can be planned and are reliable, accurate to the minute

  • Reliable service creates positive customer experiences

  • Intelligent peak management eases peak times and reduces workloads for agents

  • Unique service propostion and positive experiences lead to good customer feedback

  • Increased employee loyalty acts as a unique selling point in the market

The most frequent
use cases for
customer satisfaction and employee retention

Improved customer relationships, increased employee loyalty, or a higher NPS: a good customer experience ensures long-term satisfaction both among customers and within a company’s own team. Read our use cases to learn in detail how virtualQ supports your customer service to deliver enhanced satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved reachability

Relaxeed agents

Ideal preparation

As an important driver of customer satisfaction, optimal reachability is essential. virtualQ eliminates waiting times in your service center, creating a positive service experience. Lost calls and dissatisfied customers are a thing of the past – and without wait times and call rushes, both callers and agents are in a positive mood, making calls more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Intelligent and automated callbacks make a proactive contribution to evening out call peaks. As a result, your agents are less overburdened in their day-to-day business and can resolve callbacks as their capacities allow. This reduces workplace stress – and as our intelligent callbacks are reliable and scheduled to the minute, customers experience a genuine wow effect.

Employees are informed about the details of a contact request as customer concerns and additional information are recorded in advance and made available to the employee for optimal processing. Calls for which agents can prepare in this way are more targeted, allowing concerns to be resolved more quickly.

The wow effect for customer satisfaction

Reliable automated callbacks ensure optimum accessibility. This avoids long waiting times on service hotlines as, at peak times, your callers are offered reliable callbacks accurate to the minute. When the automated callback then happens, customers experience a genuine wow effect: easy contact with your company that delivers what it promises. This creates a feeling of appreciation and trust towards you as a company which takes customer needs seriously.

AI-based automation
for employee loyalty

In contact centers, periods of high call volume place considerable strain on agents. virtualQ takes the pressure off employees during peak hours, resulting in significantly higher employee retention. With AI-based automation, from a set wait time on, calls are moved to later times by scheduling a callback. This means that your employees are no longer confronted with a flood of calls at the same time, and the result is a more motivated and committed workforce which feels valued and supported by your company.

NPS and CES easily optimized

virtualQ’s intelligent callbacks can increase your net promoter score (NPS) and customer effort score (CES) automatically as customers experience the certainty that your company will address their concerns and feel that they are being taken seriously. In this way, positive customer experiences foster a willingness to recommend your company to others.

At the same time, virtualQ lowers CES: instead of having to invest a lot of time and effort to solve their own problem, your customers can use their time in other ways until the agreed callback.

Your tool for straightforward communication

The benefits of AI-based callbacks don’t stop at eliminated wait times, lower overheads, and less stressed agents. This is because the tool also offers an interactive web widget which can be placed on your company website. There, customers can schedule a callback at any time within your business hours. Especially on weekends or after work, this allows you to offer your customers a way of making a reliable appointment and strengthening their trust in your service.

Enthusiastic customers & satisfied employees

With virtualQ’s reliable callback management system, you provide your customers with a way of contacting your company reliably and efficiently, offering true added value in the form of reduced waiting times and up-to-the-minute callbacks. As a result, your service center employees experience a significant reduction in stress, allowing them to focus on complex tasks and provide real customer care. With virtualQ, customer satisfaction is increased, employee loyalty is fostered, and more effective customer service is ensured.


Use our intelligent and fully automated callback and appointment management software to maximize reachability and optimize workload management in your telephone service center.


Generate leads on your website or provide a unique customer service experience with our easy-to-integrate callback & appointment widget. Reach your customers on all channels.


Open up new potential by integrating virtualQ into your existing system landscape. Combine virtual waiting, callbacks, and workload-optimized appointments with voicebots, chatbots, messengers, apps, and much more.

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