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Provide Quality customer support 24/7

Offer customers the following services online and/or over the phone when they contact you.

Get Patented Solutions & Cutting-Edge Research

Provide world-class customer service with virtualQ’s patents and AI technology.

Receive the benefits of our exclusive algorithms, which are powered by millions of data points to attain peak performance.

Stay cutting-edge with our team of dedicated data scientists, who focus on researching and developing new algorithms, using a combination of advanced machine-learning and neural networks to extract valuable insights from millions of data points.

Provide a world-class, unique customer care experience for your customers, which is an extension of our company culture and focuses on both innovation and results. You can be rest assured that our dedication to pursuing the best transfigures into an extraordinary experience for you and your customers.

Setup in two weeks, Secure Data, Supportive Team.

Fast & Easy Set-Up

Quickly implement projects and new solutions into your existing system, while accounting for system changes at the same time. We offer a variety of methods to integrate your system with our software, making setup easy and flexible for you.

  • ACD connectors

Privacy & Security

We’re GDPR-compliant, and are dedicated towards handling all data received responsibly. We work with a variety of industries, which includes health insurance and insurance companies. As a result, our products are developed with the highest forms of data protection in place.


Get the best experience possible with our software with our Customer Success team! We offer live support packages, according to your needs. virtualQ understands that customer service is of critical importance, so we’ll make sure that your call center and customers are well taken care of!