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virtualQ for BPO & service providers

Use intelligent callbacks to achieve your KPIs without fail.

virtualQ for BPO & Service provider

virtualQ is the smart SaaS solution for call centers and customer service providers / business process outsourcers (BPO) service centers.
Optimize your reachability and other KPIs.

The premium solution for customer service providers and contact centers

Take your service standards to a new level with virtualQ: secure the following benefits for your BPO, contact center, or service company:

  • Inspire your clients with confidence in achieving KPIs of all kinds: cost per contact, service level, or NPS.
  • Eliminate waiting times through peak management and guarantee continuous availability.
  • Optimize employee workload using intelligent callbacks to achieve marked increases the efficiency of your workforce planning.
  • Use the Agent Prep feature to make sure that your agents are more prepared for customer meetings and reduce AHT. Good preparation = good customer experience.
  • Increase employee loyalty by reducing stress from overwork and relieving employee stress.

The best use cases in the BPO & contact center industry

Customer service KPIs: use reliability as your USP

Contractually defined KPIs are often set high and so not always easy to meet. To support BPOs and service providers in hitting targets and ensure reliable contract fulfillment, virtualQ uses a multi-pronged approach.

Firstly, callback management significantly increases reachability, in turn enabling higher service levels with the same number of staff. Additionally, long waiting times for callers are eliminated, which in turn increases customer satisfaction. Multiple calls are also reduced, so that the overall contact volume and customer effort score (CES) are also reduced.

Innovation as USP: improve customer loyalty by applying tech solutions

When bidding for large projects and in discussions with clients, you need valid USPs in order to make a convincing offer in what is a highly competitive market

With virtualQ, you can impress potential clients by applying state-of-the-art technology and positioning yourself as an innovative pioneer on the market. AI-based callbacks optimize agent utilization at no additional effort, guarantee continuous reachability, and enable a higher level of automation. Meanwhile, the algorithms learn along in real time in order to provide you and your callers with real added value.

Optimal planning: save resources and increase efficiency with AI

By combining virtualQ’s automations and intelligent algorithms for optimal call volume distribution, you can better anticipate the resources required and plan your staffing accordingly. In addition, thanks to virtualQ’s innovative peak management, agent utilization remains consistently stable throughout the day, allowing you to avoid both overload during call rushes and under-utilization during off-peak hours.

Improve your resource utilization and help your employees to focus on how to best deliver their expertise, build up relationships with customers, and reduce their stress levels.

Successes for BPO & service providers

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Higher reachability from evening out call volumes, eliminating waiting times, and avoiding repeat calls

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Efficiency gains  achieved thanks to optimized agent utilization

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Enthusiasm and approval among agents in service centers where virtualQ solutions are used (see success story BKK Linde)

Average increases in effectiveness delivered by virtualQ

Improving staff retention by providing effective stress relief

Like many other sectors, contact centers are suffering from the current labour shortage, and this makes it all the more important to keep pressure on the existing team to a minimum by using efficient automation in order to promote employee loyalty in the long term. With virtualQ, you can do this in just a few days.
Intelligent peak management makes contact volumes controllable, taking the volume out of typical call peaks (e.g. Monday mornings) and smoothing out loads in a plannable way, distributing calls evenly throughout the day and therefore reducing a key stress factor. This workload optimization translates into motivated employees who stay with you longer.

Enhancing customer experience
through best possible preparation

Suitable call preparation can help to resolve cusomter concerns in a far faster, more targeted way, resulting in shorter AHTs and more pleasant customer-agent interactions as callers feel well understood and competently served.

Using self-service concepts, many customers can access information provided prior to calls – such as links to FAQs in callback confirmation text messages – in many cases resolving their issue on their own as a result and decreasing contact volumes. When issues do prove more complex, preparation ensures that your customers enter the call comprehensively informed, making a significant contribution to helping them resolve their problem faster.

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