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virtualQ offers you intelligent callback and appointment management that sustainably and automatically improves your customer service experience across all channels. For large and enterprise companies, we optimize your reachability, utilization and efficiency in sales and service.


The intelligent and fully automated callback and appointment management software for maximum reachability and optimal workload management for your telephone service center.


Generate leads on your website or provide a unique customer service experience with our easy to integrate callback & appointment widget. Reach your customers on all channels.


Open up new potential by integrating virtualQ into your existing system landscape. Combine virtual waiting, callbacks, and workload-optimized appointments with voicebots, chatbots, email, messengers, apps, and more.

Seamless integration into your existing software systems

Fully automated control and optimization based on your business goals

Highest customer experience and performance through machine learning

No training of your employees necessary

virtualQ is quickly connected and already shows first results within a few days.

The solution optimizes your performance automatically in the background. To do this, you simply set your goals.

AI learns in real time to optimize your customer service.

Once connected, virtualQ functions independently. Should customizations be desired, the dashboard is intuitive to use.

Control and dashboard

Individual adjustments in real time

The intuitive dashboard allows you to adjust your settings in self-service in real time. Individual optimizations and product functions can be flexibly implemented at the touch of a button.

Success evaluations and live reporting

Real-time displays and reporting of key figures, performance evaluations and graphics are available at any time.

Multi-client & role management

Control and manage rights, accesses and roles of your employees clearly and according to your enterprise requirements.

Implementation and go-live

Go-Live within a few days

The fast connection without IT effort is already realized within 1-3 working days. The connection is made via a routing adjustment in your system. Training of your employees is usually not necessary.

Flexible use

We offer maximum flexibility and quick customization of the solution. The implementation of diverse use cases is possible in self-service through standardized software.

Personal support and advice

Our experienced customer service experts are always available to serve as your point of contact and guide you through the onboarding process.

virtualQ - the best solution for your business


The virtualQ IT architecture is elastic. Sudden changes, large amounts of data and fluctuating contact volumes can be handled effortlessly by the software.

Transparent Pricing

virtualQ offers transparent license packages based on contact volume and functionality. Only successfully connected contacts count for us.

Secure data protection

We meet the IT security requirements of banks, insurance companies and energy service providers. virtualQ is ISO 27001 certified as a company, our servers have all current certificates. You can find out more information about our data protection precautions here.

Globally applicable

The international use of virtualQ is possible without any problems due to integrated time zone management, multilingual announcements as well as speech recognition.

Extensive connectivity

A variety of custom applications are available as standard, such as integration with telephony, websites, emails, apps, chatbots and voicebots.

Via API, virtualQ can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing system landscape.

Unique Customer Experience

With up-to-the-minute announcements of the time until the callback and the simple arrangement of individual appointments in free dialog for your end customers, you create transparency and exceptional user acceptance. As a result, you will experience significantly greater optimization of your intra-day management.

Performance & AI

The distribution and planning of callbacks and appointments is fully automated. The virtualQ algorithms and AI optimize your workload and service KPIs based on your individual business goals. This allows you to achieve an unbeatable ROI.


In Self-Service, you can make call flow settings and a variety of customizations, from selecting different algorithms and settings to basic settings such as Caller-First & Agent-First.

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Lead Engine

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Loyalty Driver

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Peak Helper

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