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We support insurance companies such as Württembergische, Gothaer, and Helvetia in minimizing their churn and increasing customer loyalty. At the same time, our solutions are optimising insurers’ reachability and efficiency in customer service.

virtualQ for insurances

We support insurance companies such as Württembergische, Gothaer and Helvetia in minimizing their churn and increasing customer loyalty. At the same time, customer reachability and efficiency in customer service are being optimized.

With virtualQ, insurance companies are setting new standards in customer service and sales.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the difference to the competition – and with virtualQ’s support, insurers are now able to differentiate themselves from their competitors in innovative ways. In a matter of days, insurance companies can secure the following value-adds:

  • increased reachability
  • higher customer loyalty and more satisfied employees
  • fewer lost calls
  • enhanced lead & sales generation
  • reduced contact center costs
  • new technologies such as voicebots

With virtualQ, service excellence becomes your unique selling point in the market.

The best use cases in the insurance industry

Increased efficiency thanks to intelligent algorithms

It can be difficult to predict what your  end customers’ requests will be, and they frequently mismatch with employee workloads.

Intelligent algorithms and peak management ensure that your customer requests are distributed evenly and can be planned to suit your operational requirements and service KPIs. Meanwhile, your customers benefit from a transparent customer service experience with significantly increased satisfaction.

Customer loyalty & satisfaction using callbacks and appointments

With virtualQ, you offer your customers attractive alternatives to the uncertain and potentially lengthy waiting times.

Instead of keeping callers on hold, create a unique customer experience that sets you apart from your competitors.

With intelligent callbacks and  appointments timed to the minute, you can offer your customers the opportunity to contact you reliably and without having to wait.

100% reachability to make sure you never miss a sale

Optimize your phone scheduling to make sure that you never miss a call again – all with virtualQ. For sales representatives and brokers, the best contact times are important to avoid missing opportunities to close contracts. With virtualQ,
all phone inquiries are placed safely  in the hands of your sales team at just the right time.

So use rapidly and precisely scheduled callbacks and appointment options over the phone and online to offer your sales reps maximum availability.

Key advantages for insurance companies

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Increased reachability due to contact options via chat, phone, web, or even proprietary apps

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Lower abandonment rate with our virtual assistant

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Shorter waiting times and faster resolution lead to an 8%* increase in customer satisfaction.

* Check out Gothaer success story

Insurance companies were able to achieve the following average increases in effectiveness with virtualQ.

Be there for your customers - even if you can't answer the phone.

If no contact person is available in your customer service center, callers can decide whether they want to make an appointment for a callback or waituntil the next customer service representative can take their call. Either way, the waiting time does not differ, allowing for efficient pre-scheduling of phone calls and reductions in urgent contact volume, even if no agents are available at the moment. Take advantage of our software solutions for customer service and your sales support.

Secure measurable success in insurance customer service.

A high level of reachability and a good service experience measurably increase the probability of closing a sale and also offer you successful up-selling or cross-selling opportunities, especially in your in-house call center.

Workflow optimization gets your customers to the right departments immediately, without the inconvenience of being redirected. In addition, callers’ concerns can be noted in preparation for the call.

Manage your appointments with ease using the web widget.

By integrating the virtualQ web widget onto your company website, you can provide your customers with the option of booking an appointment for a callback at any time. As a result, both the customer and the agent can prepare for the conversation – and your customer service department will find it easier to manage call planning.

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