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virtualQ for Banks & Financial Service

Generate an advantage in customer service through technology and further build your competitiveness.

virtualQ for Banks & Financial service provider

Generate an advantage in customer service through technology and further build your competitiveness.

Provide your customers with an outstanding service experience

Our customers achieve the following improvements within a few days of deploying the virtualQ solution:

  • Simplification of complex 1st-/ 2nd-/ 3rd-level processes
  • A modern customer experience and maximum reachability across all channels, especially in revenue-generating lines and to avoid cash deposit outflows
  • More than 10% efficiency increases
  • Increase the acceptance of your automation solutions such as voicebots
  • High customer satisfaction and loyalty

The best use cases in the financial industry

Customer Experience as USP

Instant callbacks and callback appointments at the desired time deliver what your callers love: an attractive alternative to the uncertain and often long waiting times on the phone.

virtualQ enables reliable contact with your customer service full of comfort and an impressive wow effect. Instead of long waiting times, you offer quick and competent answers by your experts.

Optimal consulting across all channels

Whether via telephony, web, customer portals, chat, app or e-mail: In the financial industry, investors and creditors expect absolute transparency and security in service and advice.

With the innovative interaction between voicebots / chatbots and virtualQ’s intelligent callbacks, you increase the acceptance of new technologies and offer a direct transition to telephone customer service for more complex concerns. In this way, you and your customers experience the perfect interplay of technical efficiency and human service quality.

Process optimization between departments

To simplify processes between business units and departments, virtualQ offers comprehensive automation. As a result, concerns reach the appropriate contact person more quickly, which reduces processing time.

In addition, manual processes are more error-prone than automatisms. Therefore, the more you automate, the more time and error costs you save.

The successes for Banks & Financial Service Provider

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Higher NPS

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Efficiency gains

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Higher reachability

Average increases in effectiveness through virtualQ

Strengthening customer loyalty
with high reachability

Banks and their services have become more interchangeable than ever for end customers. Reason enough to invest in your customer satisfaction and loyalty at an early stage. With virtualQ, you can do both. On the one hand, you offer competent, fast service thanks to short waiting times, and on the other hand, your customers experience a wow experience thanks to precise callbacks. In this way, you build up your customers’ trust in your financial institution for the long term and can position yourself impressively ahead of the competition.

Fast case processing across all areas

Consultants in the 1st / 2nd / 3rd level each have their own competencies with which they support their end customers.

Therefore, the contact management between the departments should work smoothly so that your customers can reach the appropriate contact person at any time. With virtualQ, automatic callback control and intelligent scheduling between departments and divisions is possible. This saves your employees manual work, reduces errors and leads to a faster solution through competent advice.

Optimal self-service in the credit institution

To save costs in the long term and offer customers a fully comprehensive service experience, it is worth investing in your self-service. Extensive analyses by virtualQ support you in tailoring the self-service to your customers. With virtualQ Web, for example, you know exactly where on your website increased callback bookings occur through the web widget and thus questions. At these points, you can consequently proactively optimize design and content to perfect your self-service in the long run.

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