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Success story –

State-of-the-art customer experience & call management – with added sales success

Success Story –

Modern customer experience & call management

– Inlcuding sales success

Helvetia insurances:
"Our customer service is also the face of Helvetia"





As an all-line insurer, Helvetia offers a comprehensive range of risk protection and pension products for private and corporate customers, combining innovative solutions with many years of service experience. With more than one million customers in Germany who are served by over 800 employees and 200 independent sales representatives, the company also works with more than 9,000 brokers and agents.

virtualQ’s software helps Helvetia optimize customer service by supporting employees as they handle approximately 146,000 calls per year, maintaining the high value of customer service for the group.





Download the entire success story of the Helvetia Insurance and virtualQ !

Helvetia Success case with virtualQ readable on tablet


  • Fluctuating workload in the motor insurance business
  • Maintaining high service levels despite constant workforce levels
  • Telephone service and document processing in the same unit, placing high quality demands on employees
  • Special requirements due to Covid-19: transition to home office, new requirements for call volume management and employee availability
  • Finding a solution which is compatible with existing telephone and ACD system and can be implemented quickly


  • Enable intelligent telephone management
  • Manage call peaks, spreading loads across the day
    and dealing with extreme rushes
  • Fundamentally simplify processes
  • Optimize cost and quality efficiency
    (elimate overflow)
  • Increase broker loyalty and customer satisfaction


  • Higher reachability and reduced hold times
  • Automated lost calls reduction and retention of sales potential
  • Optimal utilization of Helvetia employees and improved personnel planning
  • Higher employee satisfaction & retention by reducing workload, without additional training
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved key performance indicators such as service level and reachability

Internal optimization using virtualQ's appointment booking on Helvetia's website

Callback requests and departmental redirects are easily and elegantly provided and managed on the website by virtualQ. Manual tasks, callback reminders, e-mail notifications, and callback lists are all no longer required. Internal work processes can be simplified and made more efficient in many areas.

In addition to improving Helvetia's service - enhanced sales potential

Besides a service level improvement with virtualQ, there was a surprise in store for Helvetia: the callback function provided an additional benefit for the sales department!

Sales staff receive callbacks scheduled to the minute or can secure a callback appointment that is optimal for them.

This greatly reduced lost calls for the sales team. As a result, both reachability and sales revenue have increased.

Fun fact: Thanks to virtualQ, a car insurance policy with a value of Ø €442 per year (customer life cycle value of €2,200) not only extends the customer life-time, but can even be significantly expanded on average.

Quick-win implementation, even in the busy end-of-year period.

Despite concerns, virtualQ was able to quickly convince Helvetia to implement thanks to a smart concept and industry expertise. The PoC (proof of concept) was provided rapidly with minimal invasive adjustments. As a result, the go-live even happened during the peak season in the automotive sector at the end of the year.

The thorough consultation provided by virtualQ’s Customer Success Team led to great results and high levels of mutual trust.

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