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Success story –

Intelligent callback management ensured more cost-efficient planning in several departments and significant increases in customer satisfaction

Success Story –

Intelligent callback management ensures more cost-efficient planning across departments and significantly increases customer satisfaction.

Over 300,000 waiting minutes on the ADAC
hotline saved - in under six months!




The introduction of intelligent callback management has already saved over 300,000 waiting minutes and significantly increased customer satisfaction within fewer than six months. After this successful proof-of-concept, virtualQ’s services were extended to several departments. Discover more about how virtualQ can also help your company achieve efficient and satisfying customer communication.





  • Customer hotline plagued by long waiting times.
  • The majority of calls are routed through central ADAC call center
  • Staff deployment is inefficient due to shortage of skilled workers
  • Due to the large number of members (21 million), customer service requests have also risen sharply


  • Create positive customer experience with maximum efficiency.
  • Flatten contact peaks in hotline and distribute calls evenly throughout the day.
  • Deploy intelligent callback system for best employee utilization.
  • Greatly reduce waiting time for customers.


  • Implementations in under two weeks.
  • Little to no IT outlay.
  • Savings of more than 300,000 waiting minutes.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction (NPS).
  • Positive ROI accomplished within 6 weeks.

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With virtualQ,
ADAC was able to meet an increasing demand for service

ADAC has over 21 million members. This results in a high call volume, because more customers naturally mean more customer service calls. The shortened handling time and the callback system of virtualQ Phone enabled the employees in the contact center of ADAC to be deployed more efficiently and to handle the increased number of customer inquiries.

Low implementation effort thanks to fast integration

The deployment initially started in ADAC’s legal consulting department and then it impressed so strongly that virtualQ was introduced in the customer service department on a long-term basis. This was achieved through very rapid implementation at all levels.

virtualQ compensates for the shortage of skilled workers in the service sector

Despite 21 million members and rising customer concerns to the ADAC Contact Center, customer inquiries were resolved efficiently. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in the service industry, many companies can no longer handle their inquiries on their own. Our software solution can counteract this and accordingly does not require additional employees who are not available.

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