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Success story –

How can you guarantee excellent customer service that prioritizes individual consultationsfor commercial customers an active management of their energy supply?

Success Story –

How can you guarantee excellent customer service that prioritizes individual consulting for commercial customers and active management of their energy supply?

Major increase in reachability and fewer
repeat callers in spite of exceptional
demand peaks at energy supplier E.VITA





E.VITA GmbH turned to virtualQ with the aim of offering its customers a first-class service experience while simultaneously protecting its internal employees from daily call peaks. The use of the virtualQ web widget also saved costs for external service providers.






  • The accumulation of contact attempts and sharp intra-day peaks at two to three peak times daily, led to
    • employee stress
    • long and unpredictable holding times for customers
  • Distributing these contact peaks is impossible without software
  • Repeat callers and channel-hoppers increase the number of contact attempts due to multiple tries


  • Continue to uphold E.VITA’s high service standards
  • Reduce long hold times and achieve better reachability through virtualQ
  • Improve management of heavy peaks to reduce the workload on service staff
  • Perform an ACD system change together with virtualQ
  • Reduce the number of calls diverted to external service providers and thus save costs


  • Initially, approximately 550 callbacks per month were handled via virtualQ.
  • Repeat callers were drastically reduced
  • The callback rate increased in the early stages with virtualQ
  • Evening out of call peaks resulted in less strain on employees
  • Channel-hoppers have been almost completely eradicated by offering the web widget
  • Ensuring high service quality despite increasing volumes

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Service level improvement to avoid peaks

E.VITA GmbH recorded particularly high customer service usage during two to three periods a day, which resulted in long hold times for the energy supplier’s telephone service.

This was a particularly stressful and unpleasant situation for both customers and employees and often affected standard processes or basic queries, which can now be handled largely via automation.

Challenging goal: saving costs

Despite the prevailing circumstances, it was essential to maintain E.VITA’s service quality at a consistently high level.

The heavy peaks of contact attempts needed to be flattened and spread throughout the day by using virtualQ’s automations.

Furthermore, virtualQ aimed to save costs by reducing the amount of call overflow to external customer service providers.

Personal consultations

Thanks to the experience within the E.VITA team and virtualQ’s state-of-the-art solution approaches, creative solutions are developed and discussed. This mutual exchange challenges both sides and has consistently yielded excellent results.

Through close communication with its partners and customers, virtualQ ensures excellent customer relations and – even more crucially – delivers outstanding success.

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