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The employees of virtualQ introduce themselves! Julian talks about his arrival at virtualQ right after graduation!

Introduction of our employees -Junior Growth Marketing Manager Julian


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Julian has been a Junior Growth Marketing Manager since March 2022. Julian joined virtualQ directly after his studies and has been a great addition to our marketing team ever since.

What motivates you to work at virtualQ?

I was looking for my first full-time job in marketing after graduation when I read about the job offer from virtualQ. It reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago when I called a company and they offered me a virtual queue, which I was impressed with at the time. I really liked it and that’s how I got my first experience and connection with virtualQ, and after that I went through the whole application process and interviews, which really made me feel comfortable.

Tell us about your virtualQ journey!

My virtualQ journey started not too long ago. After graduating, I joined the team very quickly and got involved with very interesting and exciting tasks. I had the opportunity to take on personal responsibility and influence our marketing and also the way we represent ourselves.

Was macht Ihre Arbeit aus, dass Sie jeden Tag mit gelbem Optimismus beginnen?

I know that my day will not be boring and we in the team always have the opportunity to work on new tasks, take responsibility for the tasks, grow with them and I know that even my own ideas are taken seriously and can have an impact on our content that we create.

What are your hobbies?

I do martial arts, and I feel like there is a similarity between my practice and working on a driven team because everyone is working to make progress for themselves and for everyone who is also involved.

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